Friday, August 26, 2016

Honda Pioneer 700 and 500, Better Than Ever

Honda Pioneer 700-4

 Honda’s Pioneer 700 and Pioneer 500 are the perfect-sized side-by-sides for thousands of owners out there. And for 2017, they’re better than ever. The Pioneer 700 and Pioneer 700-4 are now available in Deluxe versions with new paint, trim, and wheels. 

Honda Pioneer 700 

And the Pioneer 500 also gets body updates and an awesome new color, too: Green. No other SxS lineup offers Honda’s combination of value, engineering, and innovation.

Honda Pioneer 500 

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Vegas To Reno… The Looong Way

Apparently the folks from Best In The Desert decided to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the longest off-road race in America by making it the toughest race in America, too! The General Tire Vegas To Reno "The Long Way," Presented by Fox also featured a unique split into two days and nearly 350 entries, including 60 UTVs. As the defending winner of this race, DragonFire decided to stack the deck with a full house of racers, including last year's BITD Pro Unlimited UTV class winner Lacrecia Beurrier, short course sensation Corry Weller, Lucas Oil Regional champ Bobby VanBeekum and UTV Rally Raid winners Jimmy Keys and Russell Griffin.

"DragonFire really upped the ante for the 20th Anniversary of V2R," says DragonFire Racing's Operations Manager Brice Ginn. "With a pair of queens in Lacrecia and Corry and a couple of kings with Bobby and Russell, not to mention a Joker with Jimmy, we thought we had a winning hand to beat Vegas To Reno... we really did." Pre-race odds placed VanBeekum at 4:1, Buerrier at 6:1, while short course sensation Weller went off in a nearly stock Yamaha at 7:1 and the KeysCrete team wasn't even on the board.

Unfortunately a raw deal saw Bobby VanBeekum having to fold on Day 1. "Very sorry to say we did not finish the first day... We lost the water pump line which ended up taking out a head gasket," explained the odds-on favorite to win the DragonFire Cup awarded to the top finishing DragonFire team. "I do want to thank all the great sponsors that stand behind us and let everyone know we will be back out front next time."

"We were ready to repeat with a V2R win, but silt happens," quips last year's winner Lacrecia. "We were lucky enough to begin this race in the top 10 after a 3rd place finish at the Laughlin Desert Classic and hoping to run clean to the finish on the first day." Day #1 was a 296 mile dash to the finish in Tonopah... or was supposed to. A military helicopter crashed on the course just hours before the start on Friday morning. The crash area was declared off limits by the military, which left Best In The Desert scrambling. Casey Folks and the BITD crew came up with Plan B: When the racers reached Pit #1, they clocked in and then had to load up the race vehicles and take them down the highway to Pit #2. This resulted in the race being able to continue around the off-limits area.

Plan B worked, but it couldn't prevent the carnage that ensued. Race Mile 6 marked the start of a very deep silt bed... something short course racer Weller hadn't seen before. "When we hit it, we were in a complete white-out. While you can't just stop in the silt, it's extremely dangerous to just plow through at full speed, so I did my best to maintain a decent speed, but not go so fast that I couldn't make a sudden stop if I needed to" says Corry.

"That is when we started to see the ghost images of upside down trophy trucks, just the rear wheels sticking out of the ground, and outlines of drivers and co-drivers waving frantically at us to avoid the carnage all around," she explains. "One of the shadowy figures waved us to a space just big enough for us to squeeze through without stopping. We managed to make it through that mess without stuffing our own YXZ1000R into a ravine or hit anything."

The efforts of good Samaritans somehow saw all three remaining DragonFire teams make it through to the restart at Pit #2. "My team unloaded, fueled and sent us back out still in the top 5," says Lacrecia. As the teams plowed through another 200 miles of pure silt, belt temps began reaching 240-degrees, overheating the CVs and melting the occupants inside the race cars. "Luckily a couple of water crossings gave us a bit of a cool down. We crossed the finish line on Day 1 6th overall UTV and 3rd Pro Production UTV."

The wildcard entry of Jimmy Keys and Russell Griffin did even better on Day #1. This couple of jokers came all the way across the country to compete (normally they race the UTV Rally Raid Series in the Southeast) and they made the most of their spot at the table, finishing just in front of Lacrecia 5th overall and 2nd in the Pro Production class. "We love Lacrecia and Corry, but we didn't come all the way across country to finish second," says Keys.

Desert racing newcomer Corry Weller started 27th position in class, out of 30+ entries, and after all of the Production Turbo UTVs. "We also started after the bikes, quads and trophy trucks," she notes. "This meant a very torn up course for us and very deep truck ruts... but that was to be expected." Nothing like eating the dust of 300+ entries and running a basically stock UTV in the longest desert race in the U.S. for a real trial by fire. "We wanted a light and simple race car for our first outing, so we went with stock suspension and only added the basic Best In The Desert safety requirements because we know what a great machine the Yamaha YXZ1000R is for this type of racing!"

A twist for Day 2 was that all vehicles started in order of finish... that meant Trophy Trucks, buggies and UTVs were all mixed up. "This time, not only were we in the top 10 of the UTVs, we were running in the top 65 of all the cars and trucks," says Lacrecia. "Our DragonFire teammate Russell Griffin just beat us on time Day 1, so we started right behind Jimmy who was in the saddle for Day 2. Although we always wish our teammates well, we didn't want to be eating Jimmy's dust all day."

There was no wind at the start and the dust was thick as the #1970 RZR of Keys took off. One minute later the #1924 Rockstar RZR headed out after the KeysCrete car. "We passed them quickly and tried to get some time between us. Just before we hit the pit, at Race Mile 100 a belt let go. As we struggled with a hot clutch and a bent clutch tool, we lost a couple of spots, including Jimmy in the #1970!" explained Lacrecia.

Meanwhile, Corry Weller was on a mission, charging up through the pack on Day #2. "We finished 90th overall on Day 1, which meant we started ahead of a LOT of trucks and fast buggies that had broken the day before. Having smaller, slower UTVs starting in front of large, fast vehicles makes for some really sketchy situations - I was glad we had made a sturdy rear bumper on our YXZ! Tapping a bumper in desert racing is par for the course, but the UTVs and smaller vehicles are equipped with a blue strobe so that the larger vehicles know not to touch us. I think they all ignore that rule, and my neck is still feeling it..."

Running with the big dogs did help Corry catch up to the front of the UTV field. In fact coming into the final 50 miles, the three DragonFire cars were in order on the track and made a charge for the podium. Dreams of an all-DragonFire podium will have to wait for another day, but at the end of the longest race in America, #1970 Griffin, #1924 Beurrier and #1870 Weller finished 5, 6 and 7! "Just to finish this race is a huge achievement, but to finish where we did is awesome, especially in a stock machine," adds Weller.

When the silt settled, the DragonFire teams were topped by KeysCrete's 5th out of 34 in the Pro Production class UTVs; 10th overall out of 70 total UTVs (including the Turbos and three new Maverick X3s) and 62nd overall out of all the truck/car/UTV class entries. "Guess it really is true that three of a kind beats the two pair we had at the start of Vegas To Reno," says DragonFire's Brice Ginn.

"We think this is a pretty good accomplishment, given that we run a bone stock motor," says Russell. "I just want to say, that without my team, and sponsors, this would not be possible. Just keep a watch out, we are going to give the ole girl a bath, and get her ready to give them hell at the Blue Water Challenge. See you there!"

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

UTVUnderground Launches “The Legends Rally” with Horsepower Adventures


UTVUnderground and Horsepower Adventures announced today, that they have teamed up to bring you an exciting new, approachable off-road event series in Baja, Mexico, “The Legends Rally”. The events are designed to let participants explore the stunning beauty of Baja, while enjoying gourmet food and drink prepared by local chefs and craft spirit experts. The events will be led by off-road legends including Larry Ragland, Walker Evans, Ivan Stewart and Larry Roeseler who will share their incredible experiences in off-road racing with participants.

Each of the four planned UTV rally events per year will feature a unique route and offer a truly authentic culinary off-road experience and scenery that can only be found in Baja. Participants will stay at the famed Horsepower Ranch, nestled in a quiet valley outside of Ensenada, and experience a full day of riding that includes a gourmet outdoor lunch in a private location, prepared by local chefs.

“Our goal with this series is to preserve, celebrate and share the culture of off-roading. The Legends Rally format is designed to introduce new people to our culture in a fun, exciting and approachable way. UTVs offer the perfect platform to explore Baja and our group will provide a fun, safe environment to experience something special with friends, family and colleagues,” stated Mad Media CEO, Matt Martelli. 

 The Legends Rally launches its inaugural event September 23rd-25th at Horsepower Ranch, and will be led by off-road legend Larry Ragland.  Michelin Star Chef Drew Deckman, who is internationally known for his “slow food” philosophy and using locally sourced produce and meat, will create the menu prepared by associate chef, Claudette Wilkins.  Local winemaker Aldo Santini Jr., who is an expert on the local wine, beer, tequila, and mezcal in the region, will provide tastings to pair with Deckman’s dining experience.

“The beauty of Southern Baja is really unparalleled in North America, and there’s no better way to experience it than in a UTV with friends and family,” stated Joey DiGiovanni, CEO and founder of UTVUnderground. “Once you get off the main roads you really get to see Baja’s majestic beaches, mountains, and forests,  and of course the people and the food are spectacular!” 

Participants of the three day adventure will travel in on Friday afternoon, ride all day Saturday and head home on Sunday, so even the busiest professional can fit this bite sized taste of Baja into their schedule. The event is designed for UTV owners to bring their own vehicles but a limited amount of fully prepared rentals are available from Horsepower Adventures with hassle-free trail support. Guides will meet participants at the American border to ensure a smooth, hassle-free crossing in to Mexico and escort to Horsepower Ranch.

“We are thrilled to partner  with UTVUnderground for The Legends Rally!" stated Todd Clement, President and Co-Founder of Horsepower Adventures.  "We’ve been missing an entry point for new people to come learn about the off-road culture in Baja for quite some time. We’re really looking forward to sharing the stunning beauty and food of Baja."

Space is limited for this exclusive off-road adventure and culinary experience, so don’t wait - register now!

Legends Rally Pine Forest Loop UTV Ride - Lazo de Bosque de Piños - September 23rd-25th, 2016

 What: Legends Rally Pine Forest Loop UTV Ride - Lazo de Bosque de Piños

Where: Horsepower Ranch, Ensenada, MX

WhenSeptember 23rd-25th

Who: Come ride with Off-Road legend Larry Ragland through the stunning beauty of Baja 

Featured Chef: Menu by Drew Deckman | Experience led by associate chef, Claudette Wilkins

Featured Spirit Expert: Aldo Santini Jr.

Riding Mileage: 150 miles

Cost: $1,500 per person (Includes food, hotel and rally entry)

About The Legends Rally

The Legends Rally is an exciting new, approachable off-road event series in Baja, Mexico designed to preserve, celebrate and share the culture of off-roading and introduce new people to the culture in a fun, exciting and approachable way.  The Legends Rally is a culinary off-road experience that explores the stunning beauty of Baja, while enjoying gourmet food and drink prepared by local chefs and craft spirit experts from the region. Our events are led by various off-road legends including Larry Ragland, Walker Evans, Ivan Stewart and Larry Roeseler and each event will feature a different 150 to 200 mile loop starting at the famed Horsepower Ranch nestled in a quiet rural valley just outside Ensenada, Baja, CA.

About UTVUnderground

The world's fastest growing all inclusive UTV site contributed to by both enthusiasts and manufacturers alike. UTVUnderground is the go-to site for fresh, original content and is known for its dedication to hosting all of the latest news and insight surrounding the UTV industry. Thousands of monthly visitors from over 100 different countries around the world go to UTVUnderground.comfor their daily dose of UTV news and information.

About Horsepower Adventures

Todd Clement is the founder and mastermind behind Wide Open Baja, an entity that successfully introduced thousands of people and organizations to the thrill and culture of off-roading in Baja, Mexico. Beginning in 1998, Clement developed the most sophisticated adventure-based touring organization ever conceived, engaging both individual thrill-seekers and Fortune 500 corporations. Leaving Wide Open Baja in 2007, Todd has now returned to the unique business he first pioneered.

Adrian Hoyle, a successful construction entrepreneur, shares a passion for the off-road culture with Clement.

Together, they form a powerful business enterprise of industry experience and business knowledge. With multiple locations planned for Baja and North America, Horsepower Adventures is destined to become the dominant force in the world-class adventure tour industry.

Polaris RZR Continues to Dominate Best in the Desert

Polaris RZR XP 1000 

Cognito Racing’s Justin Lambert takes class and overall win in his RZR XP 4 1000, RZRs take 11 of top 12 positions


Minneapolis, August 24, 2016–Polaris RZR continues to show sheer dominance in the Best in the Desert Racing Series (BITD), winning 11 of the top 12 Pro UTV finishes and the top two overall in the General Tire “Vegas to Reno” The Long Way presented by FOX.


Polaris Factory Racer Justin Lambert and his No. 1918 Cognito Motorsports RZR XP 4 1000 won the Pro Production class AND was the fastest UTV overall.  Lambert and his team have been on an incredible run: currently on a five-win streak, including back-to-back Vegas-to-Reno wins and two overall UTV wins this season. That’s especially significant as the team competes in the non-turbo UTV class and continues to outdrive the higher-horsepower, turbo UTVs.

Polaris RZR XP 1000 


Finishing the sweep of Pro Production was Matt Burroughs and his No.1948 RZR XP 1000, who took second, and Rhys Millen in the No. 1987 RZR XP 4 1000 taking third.

Polaris RZR XP 1000 


Newly signed Polaris Factory Racer Jacob Carver took second in the UTV Turbo class in his No. 936RZR XP Turbo, followed by fellow factory racers Mitch Guthrie Jr., Marc Burnett, Brandon Schueler and Branden Sims.

Polaris RZR XP 1000 


It was another dominant performance for Team RZR, during which 45 of the 65 UTV entrants were RZR, including 11 of the top 12 finishers. The next BITD Race is Bluewater Desert Challenge, presented by Polaris, Oct. 6-9.


Justin Lambert is sponsored by Polaris, Cognito, Mystik Lubricants, ITP Tires, Method Race Wheels, Sparks Performance Products and Fox Racing Shocks.


Mitch Guthrie Jr. is sponsored by Polaris, Walker Evans Racing, Super ATV, ITP Tires, Cooper Standard Tire Balls, Kicker Audio, Baja Designs, PRP Seats, RCV Performance, Odyssey Batteries, SSI Decals, Rugged Radio, Hardcore Tuning, Factory UTV, KBN, Bert’s, UTV Underground, Fatography and Mad Media.


Mark Burnett is sponsored by Polaris, Monster, MB Motorsports, Lincoln Welders, UNI, P.C.I, Eibach, HJC, Heatshield, FOX, ORW, RacePak, Pace Off-Road Logo, Rigid industries, RPI, RCV, Razor Back Technologies, CP Tools, Energy Coil, Lucas Oil, General Tires, Aeromotive, OMF, Cryoheat, iON, Antigravity Batteries, Factory UTV Red Cap, Magnaflow, Apollo Sat Phones, Bullet Liner, Dragon, Beard Seats


Brandon Schueler (Jagged X) is sponsored by Polaris, Walker Evans Racing, BF Goodrich, Jackson Motorsports Group, Polaris Engineered Lubricants, Varta Powersports Batteries, Factory UTV, Vision X Lighting, CR designs, OMF Performance and Mountain States Contracting.


Branden Sims is sponsored by Polaris, Lonestar Racing, ITP Tires, Method Race Wheels, Fox Shocks, Baja Designs, Factory UTV, Beard, Rugged Radios, Trinity Racing, Northern Az Auto & Off-road and Sims Motorsports 



About Polaris

Polaris Industries Inc. (NYSE: PII) is a global powersports leader with annual 2015 sales of $4.7 billion. Polaris fuels the passion of riders, workers and outdoor enthusiasts with our RANGER®RZR® and POLARIS GENERAL™ side-by-side off-road vehicles; our SPORTSMAN® and POLARIS ACE® all-terrain off-road vehicles; VICTORY® and INDIAN MOTORCYCLE® midsize and heavyweight motorcycles; SLINGSHOT® moto-roadsters; and Polaris RMK®, INDY®, SWITCHBACK® and RUSH® snowmobiles. Polaris enhances the riding experience with parts, garments and accessories sold under multiple recognizable brands, and has a growing presence in adjacent markets globally with products including military and commercial off-road vehicles, quadricycles, and electric vehicles.

Monster Matt and STI Chicanes Succeed in Vegas To Reno race

Polaris RZR XP 1000 

CORONA, Calif. (August 23, 2016) - Racing 647 miles over silt, sand and rocks requires driving skill, teamwork, and exceptional tires. Racing his #1948 Monster Energy Polaris RZR equipped with STI Chicane RX tires, “Monster” Matt Burroughs earned second place in the UTV Pro class and second-place overall among UTV racers at the Vegas to Reno Best In The Desert (BITD) race.
“We basically had two flawless days of racing. Not a single issue. It’s unbelievable that we raced our 32-inch STI Chicane RX tires over 647 miles of the nastiest rocks and silt imaginable, and not a single flat tire. That’s right, not a single flat tire. Simply remarkable!”

Burroughs and co-driver Dan Lewis pushed early in day 1 of the two-day event through mostly sand and silt racing conditions. After the 4.5-hour race day, they held second place in the UTV Pro class. For day 2, the course covered rocky terrain on its way to Reno, Nev. With just over 7 hours of racing for day 2, Burroughs and the Monster team completed a grueling Vegas to Reno race with no flat tires or car troubles.

With his second-place finish in this BITD race, Burroughs now holds second-place overall in the UTV Pro class for the 2016 season points battle. 

Congratulations to Burroughs, Lewis and the Monster Energy team for their second-place finish in the Best In The Desert Vegas to Reno race. STI-supported drivers Jonathan McVay (1952) finished 9th in the UTV Pro class, and Matt Hughes finished 10th, also running Chicane RX tires. The class had more than 30 racer entries.

STI Chicane Tire