Wednesday, January 6, 2016

DWT - DOUGLAS WHEEL hires WES MILLER as Marketing Director

Wes MIller
Wes Miller
Miller, best known for his ATV video productions and multi-time Baja championship wins is now part of the DWT-DOUGLAS WHEEL family. As a long time sponsored racer for DWT, Wes has a vast experience with the company's racing tradition. As owner of H-Bomb Films, Miller revolutionized the ATV industry with the ground breaking "Huevos" DVD series and his "Bomb Squad" freestyle team. He will now spearhead DWT-DOUGLAS WHEEL'S new marketing plan focused on giving enthusiasts innovative NEW products that perform at the highest standards.

So get ready for some exciting new things from DWT-DOUGLAS WHEEL in the near future!
Wes MIller

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